Hello everyone.

Well time has flown by and I have haven’t been a very good blogger over the past month or so! Working my first client at 5am and working until late every day doesn’t go too well with being a prolific blogger. However, I have resolved to keep the blogs coming, just perhaps not in essay format. My blogs will be shorter, yet informative nonetheless. Which brings me to today’s topic; one which everyone has been quizzing me on of late, as the beach is looming on that not-too-distant horizon. Whilst writing a blog on my top-10 tips for effective Beach Body Fat Loss, I referred to one of my biggest gurus – Mr Charles Poliquin. This man, who has personally coached Olympic athletes in 17 different sports, written over 600 articles and numerous books, pioneered the groundbreaking biosignature modulation fat loss system and who, I am gutted to admit, reads more than me (4 hours per day is difficult to beat), seems to have beaten me to it and has come up with a few more 🙂
Et voilà. Thank you Mr Poliquin; 50 tips for losing fat for the summer and beyond.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Enjoy…

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50 tips for losing fat

Fifty Fat Loss Tips

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