diet books pileHaving been a personal trainer for several years now, I have had the pleasure of working with a vast range of clients. By far the biggest satisfaction for me is undoubtedly seeing the transformations. Whether it be a visible change in physique, an achievement of a long term goal, or a change in personality as a result of new found confidence, I always endeavour to improve one thing above all else. That is knowledge. The more informed an individual is as to what is healthy and why it is healthy, the more chance they have to continue on their path. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Knowledge is one thing, information is another. Despite the ever-increasing growth of information in the health and fitness industry, there is an increasing confusion (and questionable decrease in genuine knowledge) as we tend to be over-informed from under-par sources. Quality not quantity. There is a dearth of the former and an abundance of the latter.

“Cereals are a healthy breakfast that provide us with energy for the day”; “I need to do more cardio if I want to lose my beer belly”; “High-protein, low-carb diets are bad for you and your kidneys”; “Who needs supplements, if you are eating a well-balanced diet”… These are typical comments I hear every day and ‘facts’ which are frequently quoted and encouraged in the media, yet are actually poorly explained (for want of a better word) MYTHS.

We have all been there – spending hours of our precious time on the internet and trawling through the latest diet books, looking for the next best thing that is going to make us leaner or the ‘secret’ to make your body look like something from a Men’s/ Women’s Health magazine cover. There is a vast array of information in the media these days, which we believe must be at least close to correct, because it is the ‘written word’. In fact, most of the information out there is provided by unqualified individuals, usually just regurgitating someone else’s take on the latest unsubstantiated fad.

Starting today, I am going to sift through this minefield of mis-information and myths – making sense of it all,  in order for you to make more informed decisions and create a leaner, stronger and healthier you – keeping you INFORMED to stay IN FORM. The information I will provide will be based on actual science from the world’s most reputable and knowledgable sources in the health and fitness industry.

Watch this space…

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