A very good afternoon to you all and welcome…

Welcome to the new website. After a few too many sleepless nights and a few thousand OCD moments, my good German friend Stefan and I have proudly finished your site. I say your site as it has been put together for you. Eight months ago, I started out on the quest of conceptualising and constructing the basics and here we are… 3 developers, 5 Bootcamps, 448kgs. of fat loss, 215kgs. of lean muscle gained and a few thousand obsessive-compulsive moments later!

The new paddywarwick.com, I hope, will become a regular ‘stop-in’ for you and your friends in all that is health, fitness and nutrition. I will let you browse the various pages and photos (of which there are 3 banner shots on most sub-pages by the way, so sit back and enjoy the show). however, I will briefly bring your attention to the 5 big changes on the site:

  1. Client Stories (deservedly at top-spot here). This is your chance to see you and your co-Campers and fellow PWPT Team-mates’ progress in the form of ‘Before and After’ shots. These shots and accompanying Key Stats and Training Stories (‘from the horses mouth’) include those that have made big transformations in their lives; not only big fat loss (although this is prevalent for sure!) but other lifestyle and physical changes. Also you may read a few select testimonials from Happy Campers and PWPT clients from months gone by, to the most recent Bootcamp, Bootcamp 9.
  2. Recipes. As I often say, attaining big results and maintaining them, is about 80% nutrition. In this part of the site, I have added some of my own previous clean-eating recipes from my Facebook page in this section. Mainly snacks and breakfasts for now, this will include other recipes from time to time and will start a building book if you like, so you never run out of ideas in the kitchen and have no excuses on this front. With my latest delve step in my education through Precision Nutrition, to become a fully-qualified Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, I will continue to deliver only the most effective and inspirational meals for you and your body (or I’ll try my best anyway!).
  3. Workouts. Here you have my previous articles from Onboard magazine, so you can all have a go and keep yourself going through the summer. I will start to include other workouts and some new WOWs in here, so watch this space… If ever you’re stuck for ideas on what to do for a session, challenge yourself and have a go at one of my workouts here.
  4. Blog Articles. This first post is the start of a more regular blog from me. Free-time has not been something I have a lot of, hence the dearth of blogging on my part in the last few months, but I am committed to doing this more frequently for you and your new healthy life! As you can see, the blog is now solely based on paddywarwick.com, meaning you’ll get all of your information in the same place. It is a bit early to suggest you won’t need to go anywhere else, but you should have many more tools at your disposal for your new healthy lifestyle than ever before. This will only grow as I seek to provide you with new information which is both reliable and thoroughly grounded in modern scientific studies and practice (as we all know, this is a rarity in the health and industry in the main).
  5. Instagram. As you’ll see on the paddywarwick.com homepage banner (see if you can find the little camera icon) I am now on Instagram. Although not prolific yet (I only posted my first photos yesterday morning in fact!), I intend to keep you updated on the latest at PWPT via Instagram. I do love photos (as you’ll see from the new website) and I’d like to share a little more about the goings-on at PWPT; behind-the-scenes, workout snippets, exercises, meals, etc. And what better way to do it than via photo. So get on Instagram and ‘follow me’  – only if you want to of course 🙂

From here I will leave the site in your capable hands. Have a good look around, get familiar with everything and I would really appreciate it if you let me know what you think on my Facebook Training page.

So team, stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled for updates on the site and Facebook page and have an amazing summer!

Yours sportingly,




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