We are very lucky to welcome a new expert author to the Paddy Warwick Personal Training team to contribute his pearls of wisdom and knowledge to ‘Inform’. Dr Simon Warwick MBBCh MRCGP Dip SEM (Yes he shares my surname; Yes he has more letters after his name than I do; No he looks nothing like me; Yet, yes we are indeed brothers) will be ‘our medical expert in residence’ for future blogicles, concentrating on nutrition, rehabilitation, supplementation and other such topics.

Dr. Simon is a Sports Medicine qualified GP and is a former Major in the British Army. He has worked with Formula 1, England Netball, Regional Rugby in South Wales and Cardiff City Football Club. On a personal level he has completed Ironman Nice, Ironman Austria and is currently training for Ironman Canada in 2013. His qualifications and experiences speak for themselves, so there can be little doubt as to the knowledge base for which our new expert possesses. However I think it’s important as a reader to get to know this man before we listen to his future ramblings (sorry, concise medical accounts). What better way than a quick fire of top 3s. It should be noted that all of Simon’s first time answers were given here (the only way to play this in my opinion).

Top 3 Favourite Foods

  1. Steak.
  2. Burritos.
  3. Fish.

Ideal food would be a surf ‘n’ turf burrito.

Top 3 Favourite Athletes

  1. Lance Armstrong (I will hold fast on that one).
  2. Michael Johnson.
  3. Jess Ennis.


Top 3 Personal Sporting Moments in Your Life

  1. Climbing Alpe d’Huez on the bike (not as quick as the pros but felt like a pro on one of cycling’s most famous climbs).
  2. Completing Ironman Nice 2006.
  3. Running 38m53 for 10km on my 30th birthday, a new PB and hoping to do the same on my 40th.


Top 3 ‘Can’t do Withouts’

  1. Post workout protein hit.
  2. Goggles when I swim.
  3. Trunks when I swim.


Top 3 Films

  1. Top Gun.
  2. Marley and Me (I thought this is funnier than saying all the Rocky films that I actually wanted to say).
  3. Anchorman.


Favourite cheat meal (renaming this treat meal)

As much as I would like to say: Chicken dupiaza, boiled rice, keema naan, popadoms and chutney, with a bottle of Kingfisher; not a chance, those days are long gone, so it would have to be… the biggest steak I can possibly find.

Top 3 Phrases

  1. “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”.
  2. “It is not who we are underneath but what we do that defines us”.
  3. “There’s always tomorrow”. No only winding you up Paddy, delete that. I mean – “Today is one day”.


Top 3 Items on the Agenda for Your Following Blogs

  1. Supplementation.
    Why and what is important, deficiencies and optimising results and performance. My personal favourites, based on the raw, scientific, medical facts.
  2. Relief of common ailments and sports-related injuries (back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc).
    What to look for when choosing an ‘expert’ in the field of injury treatment – there is a wild inconsistency and the difference between a quality practitioner and someone who professes to be quality makes all the difference. Also simple, everyday tricks for injury prevention.
  3. Common medical myths that stop people training or eating in a certain way.
    Cholesterol and meat, kidneys and higher protein diets, pregnancy and exercise –  to name a few.

Hope this gives you a bit of a personal insight into our new expert, Dr Simon. Alongside his immense knowledge-base, experience, expertise and qualifications in the sports, medical and military arenas (and dry sense of humour); this promises to result in some excellent future contributions to this blog. I trust you are looking forward to these as much as I am.

Until next time. Have a great week everyone.
Paddy 🙂

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